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It’s the time of year when you will be receiving your utility bill and you might be thinking, “Just exactly what am I paying for?” We hope to shed a little light on this with some facts about water, sewer and waste collection services in Golden.

Water services:
Did you know?
Golden’s water is so good that we don’t have to treat it the way some other centres do! Our water comes from an groundwater aquifer. Aquifers can be natural filters that trap sediment and pathogens to provide natural purification of the ground water flowing through them. In Golden’s case, our water quality is excellent and doesn’t require filtration or chemical treatments to remove contaminants.
  • There are five groundwater wells with a combined total pumping capacity of 125 Litres per second.
  • There are five reservoirs with a total storage capacity of about 6.96 Mega Litres. In 2019 renewal work was completed for the largest reservoir in the system which is located at the Selkirk Reservoir and Booster Complex.
  • Water is distributed to the community through about 39 kilometres of water lines.
  • Golden’s water is not required to be continuously disinfected, though chlorine is added on occasion when the Public Works team is performing maintenance on the system.
  • Our Operations Department works hard to protect our water with a robust and ongoing groundwater protection program.

Check out the Interior Healthy drinking water advisory map to search the entire Interior Health region (including Golden and surrounding areas) for current drinking water advisories: drinkingwaterforeveryone.ca/advisorymap.

Sewer services:

Did you know?
  • Golden has about 36 kilometres of sewer lines.
  • Our collection system has the capacity to process 4251 cubic metres per day of effluent.
  • Within the collection system, we have seven lift stations and a sewage treatment plant.
Over the past few years, the Town has been working on a Community Sewer System Enhancement initiative, valued at approximately $2.1 million dollars and majority funded through provincial granting. The completed work has included prioritized lift station, and lagoon system improvements. An additional provincial grant application of about $1.3 million has been submitted for additional sewer system work, including sewage treatment plant and sewer collection system renewals. 

Curbside garbage collection and recycling services:

Did you know?
  • Garbage pickup occurs weekly and recycling occurs every two weeks. A Curbside Collection Calendar is included with your annual utility bill.
  • In 2019, The Town replaced all garbage bins in Golden with a form of lockable bin that is bear resistant, a tactic now used by the majority of communities in North America that experience ongoing bear incursions in urban areas. Together with VP Waste Ltd., the Town has outfitted every home in the community with bear-resistant bins.
  • Golden manages its single-family residential recycling with the Recycle BC program. Recycle BC holds contracts with many municipalities and Regional Districts to facilitate depot services, and transport of accepted materials back to large recycling facilities.
  • Recycle BC, through an approved Ministry of Environment Stewardship Plan that determines what can be recycled, not the Town of Golden. To learn more, visit their website at www.recyclebc.ca.
Your utility bill arrives every year in February in the mail. If you do not receive one, please contact the Town offices at 250-344-2271.