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The Town of Golden takes a look back on 2019, highlighting some of the department accomplishments of the year. Keep reading to learn more about what happened at Town Hall in 2019.

2020 Town Council Meeting Schedule
The schedule of all anticipated regular meetings of Golden’s Town Council in 2020 is now available to the public. The full schedule is posted at Town Hall and is available on our website at Print it and put in on your fridge to make sure you never miss a Council meeting!

Council and Executive Administration:General-Golden-Downtown.jpg
  • Strategic Priorities: following its initial seven months in office our Town Council established its strategic priorities for its term of office over a two day workshop. You can learn more about the strategic priorities at
  • Resort Municipality Initiative 3-Year Plan:  This marked the first successfully negotiated multi-year RMI plan with the Province under the program’s newly designated permanent status, giving us the comfort of annual guaranteed funding for the foreseeable future.
  • Kicking Horse River Dike Improvement Project: in 2019 we implemented the first phase of the Dike Improvement Project with the burying of shallow utilities.
  • Kicking Horse Canyon Project: the Town has seen great successes in its consultation process with the Province for Phase 4 of the Kicking Horse Canyon Project and determining the alternate route components, including some permanent upgrades through the community. To stay up-to-date on the project visit
  • Social media: in 2019 we launched an Instagram and Twitter account, helping grow our audiences with over 1,400 new followers between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Like or follow us at or on Instagram and Twitter @townofgolden to stay up-to-date on everything happening at the Town of Golden.Communications-engagement.JPG
  • Information: we sent out over 50 news releases and public notices, and posted over 300 times on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, about everything from job postings and volunteer opportunities to public education and special events.
  • Newsletter: the monthly newsletter is going strong and had over 100 new subscribers in 2019, you can sign up at
  • Kicking Horse River Dike Improvement Project engagement: in September we engaged over 225 people online and in-person on the vision and design for phase three of the Dike Improvement Project. Stay tuned for updates in early 2020 to find out what we heard through the engagement process, and to see what the final design will look like.

Development Services:
  • Grants: we received two significant grants in 2019. One from UBCM for a housing needs report and the second for floodplain mapping from the National Disaster Mitigation Program and Emergency Management BC. Both projects are well on their way. 
  • Land use and development files: phase one of Granite Heights Townhouses, phase three of Vista Lofts, and the final phase of Rocky Pointe were all completed this year. Other files included a rezoning for duplexes in Bear’s Paw Heights, an expanded daycare/dojo, a small mixed use industrial/residential development on 11th Ave N and continued work on the OSO large scale mixed-use development.
  • Building permits: our relief building official was busy this year, issuing 90 permits valued at over $12.6 million.
  • Cannabis retail: following federal and provincial legislation, we developed new policy and bylaw amendments for cannabis retail. Two Cannabis retail stores have now opened their doors. 
  • Radon: with the support of Health Canada we participated in the 100 Radon Test Kit Challenge as part of Over 80 households in Golden participated. A report of this study is coming soon.

  • Solar lamps: the installation of an additional nine solar lamps along the Rotary Trail was completed this year. The Rotary Club of Golden raised funds to purchase the lights and our Operations team facilitated installation.Operations-Ice-Monitoring.jpg
  • Kicking Horse River Ice Monitoring: we launched an Ice Monitoring Program for the Kicking Horse River this winter. The program is designed for long-term monitoring of ice jams and may provide early warning of ice jams through remote monitoring of the river upstream of the town.
  • Downtown Revitalization: we completed the design for the Downtown Revitalization Project which will include replacement of deep utilities and road structure as well as surface and streetscape improvements in the area of 8th and 9th Ave. N between 6th and 7th St., including 6th and 7th St. on that block.
  • New bucket truck: we replaced our bucket truck through the 20-year Equipment Replacement Plan. This unit is part of a specialized compliment of fleet vehicles operated by the Town.
  • Asset Management Policy: we finalized our Asset Management Policy which outlines the principles and guides the development and implementation of asset management across the organization in a systematic and coordinated way, consistent with the organization’s plans.

Legislative Services
  • Access to information: we continued to streamline internal information access processes to make more information available to staff and the public.Bylaw-Officer-October-2019.jpg
  • Bylaw function: in 2019 Legislative Services undertook the bylaw portfolio. We reviewed the bylaw function and implemented policies and procedures to provide the best possible bylaw enforcement service to the community.
  • Partnerships: we worked with various community service agencies, government bodies and the RCMP to build partnerships in the community and achieve bylaw compliance.
  • Outreach: this year we focused on communication, public education and community engagement. In the fall we launched the positive ticketing program, this was a big success and a great way to introduce our new bylaw enforcement officer to the community.
  • General: we continue to update our policies and procedures to reflect the needs of the Town and the residents.

Recreation Services:
  • Mount 7 Rec Plex: participation in drop-in programs grew over 35 per cent compared to the previous season. Rentals from other program providers is also on the rise. The building is now being used from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on most weekdays during the fall and winter season.Recreation-Rec-Plex.jpg
  • Arena: in November the arena ice chiller failed, forcing staff to close the facility. Working with the CSRD, the facility owner, a solution was sourced to get the building back up and running for the remainder of the season. We are targeting January 10 for arena re-opening.
  • Campground power upgrades: the existing campground contractor funded power upgrades to 27 sites within the existing municipal campground. This capital upgrade will help improve visitor experience and result in reduced maintenance costs. 
  • Trails Alliance: working with the new Golden and Area Trails Alliance and the Cycling Club, a new jump trail was constructed on Town park land. The project was funded through the CBT Community Initiatives Fund. Through the Resort Municipality Initiative, funding was provided to construct an adaptive trail at the CBT trail head parking lot. This trail is anticipated to open by summer 2020.
  • Golden Swimming Pool: recruitment of certified lifeguards is a challenge for many facilities across the country. In spring 2019 we had to reduce operational hours at the pool due to a staff shortage. Additional recruitment efforts were successful and the facility was able to operate with regular hours over the summer. We now have a fully certified trainer on staff who can administer all training and courses associated with becoming a lifeguard.   
Fire Department
  • New training grounds: a two year vision, with a two year plan was completed in six months and approximately $60 thousand under budget. The entire Golden Fire Rescue team pitched in along with community donations and equipment loaners. Golden’s training ground now offers all the basics needed for members to achieve Level 1 Firefighter certification and eventually Level II.
  • New equipment: members were fully outfitted with new replacement air cylinders and SCBA Fire-Training-image.jpgpacks to meet National Fire Protection Agency standards. 
  • Inspections: we conducted over 40 inspections and implemented a new pre-fire inspection and pre-planning booklet for registered businesses in Golden.
  • Training: we launched a new online training platform with over two-thousand awareness and functional programs. We now have 20 out of 22 members that are trained and licensed medical first responders. Over 50 other certifications were handed out from other providers to our members for training and programs completed.
  • Anderson Road training: The Audet family donated nine mobile home structures, four out-buildings and a four-plex to GFR, offering 100 hours of training and practice for our members.