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Over the past few months, Council and Town staff have been putting together the 2020 Budget and five-year Financial Plan. After deliberation in Council, public engagement opportunities and three readings of the bylaw, the 2020 Budget and 2020-2024 Financial Plan has officially been adopted.
“Every time you use a recreation facility, drive a local street, have your garbage picked up, or flush your toilet, you are using a Town of Golden service,” said Mayor Ron Oszust. “The approved budget makes sure we can maintain those services, while also keeping up with inflation and planning for the future.”
The Town is committed to sound financial management and developing a responsible budget. The proposed Budget and Financial Plan focuses on increasing reserves to provide funding for renewal of Town assets and maintaining levels of services for residents. The approved budget includes a 3.28 per cent increase for 2020.
“We have both exciting and challenging times ahead,” said Chief Administrative Officer Jon Wilsgard. “Before us is phase two of the dike project; a potential ask to the public for permission to borrow funds for necessary infrastructure improvements in the downtown; completing the Alexander Drive neighbourhood sidewalk renewal and removal project; and continuing investments in beautifying our community.”
Here are some of the projects residents can expect to see happen in 2020:
Legislative Service
  • Bylaw will continue to focus on education and enforcement of the Town of Golden bylaws with an emphasis on parking regulations.
  • Legislative Services will be preparing for the InfrastructureWorkplan-Infographic_Page_1.png Replacement Assent in 2020. An Infrastructure Replacement Assent process (Alternative Approval or Referendum) will take place to ask the public for permission to borrow funds for the replacement of deep utilities, road structure, surface, and streetscape overhaul downtown from the Golden IGA to the Downtown Auto Wash and back down to the Whitetooth Brewery. This is a three year project that if permission is given, would start in 2021.

  • Work will continue as part of the Kicking Horse River Dike Improvement Project. This year, residents will see majority completion of the dike improvements in the downtown section of the project. This will include the construction of the flood wall and potentially the start of the beautification work.
  • The Alexander Drive Neighbourhood Sidewalk project will be completed, work will include removing the inner loop sidewalk, and creating a wider road surface for parking and vehicle movements.
  • Operations will purchase a replacement grader in 2020. This unit is part of a specialized compliment of heavy equipment operated by the Town for road maintenance related operation such as winter roads maintenance and gravel road and laneway grading.

Development ServicesWorkplan-Infographic_Page_2.png
  • Working with Matrix Consulting the Town will be updating flood maps from the 1970s. These maps will be used to update the Town’s floodplain bylaw which sets regulations in regards to flood construction level. This project is funded by a $270,000 grant from the National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP) and Emergency Management BC.
  • Building on stakeholder and public engagement that occurred in the winter of 2017/2018, the Town will finalize its short term rental regulations. 

  • After feedback received at the Budget Open House, Staff amended the budget to include the incorporation of automatic doors at the Mount 7 Rec Plex as a budget item for 2020. This will improve accessibility of the building for users.
  • Through the Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI) program the department will facilitate the Golden Cycling Club in constructing an Adaptive Trail adjacent to the CBT trail head parking lot and Golf Course Road. This new trail will be built to wheel chair sports guidelines and be a great asset for beginners and families.
  • The Golden Municipal Campground is planning to construct 10 new campsites designed for tenting and smaller RV units at the back of the existing campground site. This expansion will be funded by the current campground operator.

  • Fire will continue to focus on training in 2020 with the completion of the new training grounds, as well as training certifications and working with LP to complete Confined Space Rescue training.
  • In 2020, the Town will be tendering out for a new fire truck for 2021.

  • In 2020, Communications will be initiating a website redesign and development project to update

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