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bins-edited.jpgCurbside collection is just one of the many services that the Town of Golden provides.

Curbside collection service costs are outlined in your annual utility bill. Broken down, for a residential home with a single garbage/recycle unit,  it’s $7.93/month or $95.15/year for garbage, and $2.11/month or $25.29/year for recycling. 

For this, you get weekly garbage and bi-weekly recycling pickup, standardized town-owned bins, and a more comprehensive and a less expensive recycling program than most cities have. Your annual fee also includes an annual contribution to a reserve fund for eventual bin replacements.

The Town partners with Recycle BC - a non-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and printed paper recycling throughout British Columbia.

“By taking advantage of Recycle BC incentives, and contributing to reserves, we were able to purchase our new bear-proof bins without borrowing,” says Town of Golden CAO Jon Wilsgard. “We encourage residents to remain diligent in their recycling efforts and stick to the rules so that we can continue to pass along savings and other perks as we go forward with this program. Prohibited materials found in bins count against us and enough of them will cost us, which means higher rates for residents.”

Wilsgard notes that the last 400 bear-resistant bins will be rolled out this spring, completing the goal of outfitting the entire community with bins that are meant to help lessen potential human-wildlife conflicts.

Did you know?
• A Curbside Collection Calendar is included with your annual utility bill which you should receive in the mail no later than the first week in February. Due date for payment is March 29, 2019.
• The bins are the property of the Town of Golden and are numerically identified by the civic address they are provided to.
• This year marks the last phase of distribution of the bear-resistant bins, ensuring that all Golden residents are outfitted with one. Costs will be covered through bin replacement reserves as the Town continues to contribute using the same structure as in past years.
• It’s Recycle BC, through an approved Ministry of Environment Stewardship Plan, that determines what can be recycled, not the Town of Golden, and that list is standardized across the province. To learn more about Recycle BC, visit their website at You can also learn more about our Curbside Collection Services by clicking on the Learn About tab.
• Recycling helps keep waste out of our landfills and minimize our impact on the environment. You can help by recycling responsibly. Visit to learn more about what you can do.