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IMG_6232.jpgWith upwards of 30,000 cubic metres of debris brought down throughout the community in the July 2017 windstorm, it has been a long process to clean up, and ensure the public safety of the Rotary Trail and many other areas in the community.


As planned, the small-scale salvage operation in the blowdown area behind the campground and high school began on January 8, 2018.


Pioneer Forest Consulting Ltd. has informed the Town that the work to remove and haul out trees in the blowdown areas near the Golden Municipal Cemetery and behind the Selkirk Heights subdivision is 90 per cent complete.


Over the next week the contractor will continue to move logs off site to market. There are still a few stumps along the Selkirk Connector Trail that will be removed in the spring when the ground thaws.


At this time, the Town has been advised that the trails in this area are now open and walkable with no hazards. We would like to thank the community for their patience while this complicated operation was undertaken.


This spring, rehabilitation and beautification work will resume on the Selkirk Connector Trail; it is anticipated that this work will not result in full closures to the public.