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Resort_Municip_logo.jpgSince 2007, the Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI) has helped to fund, upgrade and invest in Golden’s community tourism infrastructure.

The RMI is a provincial program reserved for just 14 communities in British Columbia whose economies are shown to be highly dependent upon tourism. The program provides funding for special amenities and programming that most communities could not otherwise afford, but that are required to meet the expectations of visitors and residents alike from a tourism infrastructure perspective. Golden has been a designated resort region in the RMI since the program's inception in 2007 and has accomplished a great deal in terms of projects and programming.

“The importance of RMI funding in our community cannot be understated,” says Mayor Ron Oszust. “With over $7 million awarded to the community through RMI over the past 12 years, we have been able to complete many highly visible, tourism-based infrastructure projects and amenities to attract more visitors and encourage longer stays. RMI has provided us the ability to fund improvements in our community that the destination traveler has come to expect and we could otherwise never afford.”

The RMI funding program is managed by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, and is intended to assist small, tourism-based municipalities to support and increase visitation.

Since these municipalities typically have a small tax base due to their size, the demands of their tourism activity often strain the resources available to provide infrastructure and event programming.

The Town and its RMI advisory committee are now preparing the latest 3-year development plan and are seeking some input from residents in terms of their opinions about tourism in our community, the RMI program, and the way forward as the program continues.

A short survey has been created and community members are encouraged to provide feedback. The survey can be found by visiting the What’s New section of the Town’s website,, by visiting the Town’s Facebook page or by clicking below:

Following is a short summary of the many great projects throughout the community that have been made possible by the RMI program:

2007: Community Square planning, mosaics and temporary entrance sign.
2008-2009: Campground hub completed, sign strategy completed, Edelweiss pedestrian bridge completed.
2010: Community signs emerge, new banners up, community bikes project introduced.
2011: More community signs up, tent added to Spirit Square, CPR Bridge cleaned, green gym installed, west bench trails completed, Civic Centre rebirth.
2012: Community signs continue, roundabout completed, Tourism Golden surveys completed, community Wi-Fi in hotspots established, tourist shuttle study, snowmobile trail maintenance, Nordic Centre completion.
2013: Planning for community square amenity hub, Tourism Golden surveys, snowmobile trail maintenance.
2014: Mountain bike trail signs installed on the West Bench, pedestrian path from overpass to Highway 95 begins, snowmobile trail maintenance.
2015-2017: Largest RMI project to date, Highway 1 Corridor Enhancement completed.
2015: Interpretive kiosk implemented, community square seating planning, Selkirk connector planning, snowmobile trail grooming.
2016: Selkirk connector trail roughed-in, snowmobile trail grooming.
2017: Completion of paved trail along Highway 1, new community entrance sign, Selkirk connector built, windstorm salvage, new visitor centre built, pedestrian bridge repaired.
2018: Completion of Selkirk connector trail, snowmobile trail maintenance, mountain bike network maintenance.

For more information:
Jon Wilsgard, CAO/Corporate Officer
Cell: 250.344.0155
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