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9th Ave North Milling and Repaving
- A major Council priority and item on the 2018 Corporate Work Plan has been completed with the 9th avenue upgrades that took place in early October. This project included minor curbing improvements in a few areas, relocation of a streetlight standard, replacement of a streetscape tree, and milling and repaving of the roadway. We are happy to see this important project completed in order to improve our downtown for all users.

APES childcare drop off congestion
- We have completed the process of gathering input and positions on the topic from other authorities including the RCMP and Rocky Mountain SD6.
- We are expecting Council will set direction on this issue over the next few months to garner broader resident opinions on options.

Kicking Horse River Dike Improvement Project
- We have been busy working through higher level of government approvals for the proposed works along this dike.
- We are currently undertaking detailed design with particular emphasis on the complete restructuring of the electrical infrastructure in the alley.

Solar lights along the Rotary Trail
- The 3rd solar light bollard along the Rotary trail has been installed and the light is now operative.

Fencing of Selkirk Connector Trail
- The addition of this fencing and the finishing work, completed in mid-October, mark the near completion of the Selkirk Connector Trail. 

Bear’s Paw subdivision expansion
- Paving is now complete and we have 19 new additional lots to the community’s residential housing inventory.  Building has already begun.