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2018 General Local Election Determination of Official Election Results as at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, October 24, 2018:

PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Section 145 of the Local Government Act, I, Viv Thoss, Chief Election Officer for the Town of Golden, have reviewed the ballot accounts and register tapes from October 10, 2018 and October 20, 2018 Town of Golden General Local Election, and have determined that the accounts and register tapes accurately reflect the results of the Election.

The total number of votes for each candidate for the Office of Councillor in the 2018 Town of Golden General Election is as follows:

OFFICE OF COUNCILLOR                                                       NUMBER OF VOTES RECEIVED

ADAMS Leslie                                                                                                      511
BARLOW Connie                                                                                                 475
HAMBRUCH Chris                                                                                               522
LEIGAN Eddie                                                                                                      426
MANUEL John                                                                                                     416
MOSS Caleb                                                                                                         387

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