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You may have noticed members of the Golden Fire Rescue travelling around in a snazzy new truck recently.

The Duty Truck, a 2016 Ford F150, is an integral part of the department’s Duty Officer Program.

With four doors and 4WD, the new Duty Truck has a greater capacity for both cargo and people. The truck carries initial response fire suppression equipment for both structural and wildfires - which is especially timely given the current grassfire risk in the region. It also carries medical equipment

The truck replaces an older, two-door model and Golden’s Fire Chief, David Balding, says it is safer and more reliable for members. Along with responding to emergencies, the Duty Truck can also be used for other purposes, like out-of-town training, without leaving the department short a vehicle.

With a new truck on the force, the Duty Officer Program can continue to run smoothly. Balding explains that the program includes a Duty Officer shift that rotates through the  officer ranks  in order to make certain there is always an officer on call to respond when needed.

“The Duty Officer Program ensures that there is always someone available to respond to and command emergency incidents including fire, medical, highway and other rescues,” says Balding.

The program allows for direct response to an incident, importantly decreasing response time – something that can make all the difference in an emergency situation. It also allows for a size-up of the emergency to determine the necessary, critical interventions and provides the chance for the duty officer to be notified and respond to routine incidents – like burning complaints – without having to page the entire department.

This innovative program has been implemented at the Golden department for a number of years.

“It is not done everywhere and is a great first step to ensuring coverage in the community,” says Fire Chief David Balding. “This position also gives more junior officers an opportunity to gain experience responding to and commanding emergency incidents.”