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Bylaws are a necessity of any municipality. They are adopted by Council and administered by staff. Through education and enforcement, the Bylaw Enforcement Officer works with residents, businesses, and visitors to achieve bylaw compliance and foster a safe, healthy, and respectful community.

The Town of Golden would like residents and visitors to know their rights and responsibilities and work together with us to create a safe and healthy community for all to enjoy. If the community understands what the rules are, then it’s very easy to play by them, so improved communication leading to more compliance is our ultimate goal.

In line with this rationale and with Council’s desire to see an ongoing bylaw presence in the community, residents will see the Town’s new Bylaw Officer, Axelle Voignier, making the rounds throughout the town in the coming weeks.

Though education and outreach will be the focus in the coming weeks and months, residents can also expect to face fines – particularly when it comes to noise and parking infractions, and the Town’s dog licensing program.

Licenses assist in the quick return of dogs found at large to their owners. As well, preferential license fees for spayed or neutered dogs helps to prevent pet overpopulation. In Canada, over 60% of cats and 30% of dogs in animal shelters are euthanized each year.

Dogs are not permitted to be at large to ensure the safety of the public, the dog and other animals. There are fines for your dog being at large ($50), failing to keep your dog under control ($50), allowing your dog to disturb your neighbors with noise or by damaging property or other animals ($100), failing to clean up after your dog if it defecates on someone else’s property ($50), and even fines for failure to provide basic care ($100).

To learn more about bylaw enforcement in Golden, visit the Legislative Services department page or click HERE to be redirected.