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$5.87M grant awarded to fully fund Kicking Horse River Dike Improvement Project

Project made possible thanks to federal Gas Tax Fund

Upon receiving the largest single infrastructure-based grant in its history, the Town of Golden will now move forward with a project to upgrade the most vulnerable sections of the Kicking Horse River dike.  The project is one that Town Council and staff have long identified as a top priority in its efforts to provide flood protection to the Town’ s residents and infrastructure in key areas of the community.

The Project will see the construction of a 330-metre-long concrete “sea wall” style structure in a portion of the dike between the Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge and the Highway 95 traffic bridge. In addition, approximately 5.2 kilometres of vegetation growth will be selectively removed along the banks, and over one kilometre of other portions of the dike will be raised in order to comply with provincial guidelines. The construction of the “sea wall” and the relocation of overhead utilities will also transform the riverfront landscape in preparation for beautification initiatives along the corridor.

The Federal Gas Tax Fund grant has awarded the Town up to $5.87 million to cover the full estimated cost of the project.

“Town Council has spent years lobbying higher levels of government for assistance in meeting the new realities for flood protection,” said Mayor Ron Oszust. “Apart from our identified core infrastructure targets elsewhere in the community, this has always represented our number one public safety project for Golden and we are immensely pleased to now be able to address this long standing priority.”
“This represents the single largest infrastructure grant the Town of Golden has ever received,” added Oszust. “With it we will provide a dramatically increased level of flood protection for our community while also physically transforming the waterfront between our downtown and the Kicking Horse River.”
In addition, the Town of Golden was awarded an $80,000 grant from the Federal Gas Tax Fund for ongoing asset management planning work to inform future road improvement expenditures and assist to confirm or revise previously identified infrastructure renewal projects.

To view a larger versions of the concept plan, Dike Improvement Areas and an artist's concept of a potential outcome for the downtown, click on the links below:

Concept Plan
Dike Improvement Areas
Concept for Potential Outcome for Downtown Golden
Each year, the Government of Canada provides over $278 million in funding for local government infrastructure projects across British Columbia through the Federal Gas Tax Fund. The Union of BC Municipalities administers the Federal Gas Tax Fund in British Columbia in partnership with the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.
 “Improvements to local infrastructure are so important. They make our communities even better places to live,” said Selina Robinson, B.C. Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. “We are pleased to partner with local governments and the federal government to improve the daily lives of British Columbians.”
 “Communities across BC are looking for funding to replace, upgrade and expand local infrastructure,” said Director Wendy Booth, President, Union of BC Municipalities. “The federal Gas Tax Fund is accelerating the pace of infrastructure renewal through the transfer of close to $3 billion since 2005 for projects in our province. I appreciate the Government of Canada’s long-term commitment to fund priorities identified by BC local governments.”
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Jon Wilsgard
Chief Administrative Officer/Corporate Officer
Town of Golden