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Everyone has a part to play in keeping Golden’s roads safe. The Town of Golden has been working on a number of initiatives to improve traffic safety around town over the last year.

In 2018, the Town of Golden partnered with ICBC to complete a Traffic Control Review for the community. The review examined traffic signs (including stops, speed, crosswalks, schools, playgrounds, parking signage etc.) and road markings (painting of centerlines, shoulders, stop lines, crosswalks etc.). Using the results of the report, along with technical knowledge, and feedback from the public, various traffic control initiatives have already taken place and there are more to come.

“Having effective traffic signs and paint markings on roadways is essential for the safe movement of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians in our community,” explained Viv Thoss, Manager of Legislative Services.

Residents will notice a number of improvements to signage around the community. The Town has updated signs at crosswalks, added stop signs at the intersections of Park Drive and 9th Ave. S, 9th Ave. and 14th St. S, 14th St. and 13th St. S, incorporated new parking signage, and painted shoulder lines in the alley downtown.

“Bylaw has also been working to educate and enforce our Traffic, Parking and Streets Bylaw to improve traffic safety in Golden,” said Thoss. “We have a new Bylaw Officer that’s been out in the community giving out positive tickets, educating residents and enforcing when necessary.”

The Town of Golden updated the Traffic, Parking and Streets Regulations Bylaw Number 966 in September to repeal an amendment made in 1996 that allowed oversized vehicles and trucks, recreational vehicles and trailers to be parked on the street.

“Our Bylaws are meant to help make our community a safe place to live, work and play,” said Thoss. “Many residents have large vehicles, RVs and trailers, which is great, but when parked on the street they can restrict or obstruct the movement of traffic including emergency vehicles, and block sight lines at an intersection, crosswalk or on the road. We need to make sure these vehicles are parked in a safe and respectful manner and in accordance with our Town bylaws.”

As part of ongoing education, the Town has some tips for parking in Golden to help keep the streets safe:
  • When it snows, move vehicles off roadways and out of alleyways.
  • Don’t park in such a way that blocks emergency vehicles or snow removal.
  • Please adhere to all posted traffic and parking signage.
  • Always park on the right side of a roadway, in the direction of traffic.
  • Don’t park in such a way that requires other motorists to cross over the centre line or into oncoming traffic to get around the parked vehicle.
  • If residents have off-street parking available, please do not park on the street.
  • Trailers of any kind, when parked, must always be attached to a vehicle.
  • Recreation vehicles can’t be parked on any street, unless attached to the vehicle used to tow it and in front of the owner’s home up to a maximum of 48 hours.
  • Except otherwise posted, no truck or oversized vehicle can be left parked on any street within Town for a period exceeding 2 hours.
  • No trucks, loaded/unloaded, or oversized vehicles can be left parked in any residential zone within the Town.

For more information about parking in Golden, including a downtown parking map, visit