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Canada 150 grant announcement makes a splash in Golden
On July 31, MP Kootenay – Columbia David Wilks announced that Golden was a recipient of a grant through the Canada 150 Infrastructure Program for its Renewal and Enhancement of the Golden Swimming Pool project.

“The Canada 150 Grant will provide exciting upgrades to our existing pool facility and great insight to the longevity of the facility,” says Town of Golden Mayor Ron Oszust. “Our public swimming pool is a municipal touchstone for summer recreational services and with this funding the team will be able to continue enhancing the level of service we provide.”

The total estimated cost for this project is $340,200. Through the existing Recreation Reserve funding, the Town of Golden is able to contribute $85,000 to the project and Columbia Basin Trust has offered to match the funds and provide and additional $85,000. With this funding in place, Town staff were able to apply for and were awarded a grant for the remainder of the funding through the Government of Canada 150 Infrastructure Program.

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“We are immensely thankful for the generous support of Western Economic Development and match funding from the Columbia Basin Trust to keep this public facility safe and modernized,” says Mayor Oszust.

With all the funding for the pool project now in place, Town staff will move ahead with a facility assessment and subsequent renewal and enhancements to the pool.

The proposed work is based on a Facility Asset Review report; work identified in a 2006 Mechanical Assessment report, known facility deficiencies, and desires from user feedback to improve the experience.
Town staff are planning to bring in aquatic professionals to do an assessment on the pool itself – in particular, the lifespan of the pool basin, and identify what we can expect in the future. The assessment will also address the lifespans of the electrical, mechanical and plumbing equipment and make recommendations on timing for replacements.
Some of the major improvements to the facility include the replacement of the roof – now over 10 years old – and the filtration system.

According to Town of Golden Manager of Recreation Jordan Petrovics, the current system uses a Diatomaceous earth process that is very labour intensive. Additionally, the outdated technology relies on consistent circulation for operations. This means that the power and pumps always have to be running. The new sand filtration system is current technology that is more environmentally sound and less labour intensive to manage.

Inside the pool facility, the interior lighting will be replaced with energy efficient lighting and the lobby floor will be replaced. Importantly, the showers will also be upgraded given that many users have expressed concern over the water temperature and pressure of the existing showers.

The pool enhancement project includes plans to replace the existing heating and air circulation unit in the building and gather a proper inventory of the facility’s plumbing and pumps. This will help to identify and mitigate the risk of potential equipment failure.

Town of Golden Recreation staff are pleased to announce some new additions to the facility that will come as a result of the funding, most notably – a family change room.

A family change room has been requested many times by the public. The project will address accessibility needs and include a shower and washroom.

Improvements will also be made to the reception area to make the best use of the space and develop a more welcoming reception area for users of the pool.

Additionally, a laundry facility will also be installed and will help to improve operations at the pool.

One of the most important aspects of the pool is that it be accessible for everyone. That is why, as part of the pool deck and main basin upgrades, a new ramp or lift system will be installed to increase accessibility to the main pool basin for those with mobility issues.

Finally, the funding from CBT and the federal government will help the Town of Golden Recreation Staff provide some program and user experience enhancements around the facility.

Shade sails will be installed to improve the shade on the deck area of the pool and more areas for seating will be added, including benches and sunbathing chairs.

Also, more supplies will be purchased to further improve the quality of lessons and public swim programs, while upgraded signage will improve overall user experience at the pool.

“In recent years the recreation team has put a big focus on gathering user feedback and addressing the community’s desires at the pool,” says Petrovics. “This granting opportunity is the perfect way to improve the facility and make the pool a better place to recreate.  We are confident these enhancements will help pave the way for greater accessibility and new programing that appeals to all ages and demographics in Golden. We want to encourage all community members to enjoy this great asset in our town.”