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It’s the time of year when you may notice your utility bill has arrived and you might be thinking, “Just exactly what am I paying for?” We hope to shed a little light on this with some facts about water, sewer and waste collection services in Golden.

Water services:

Did you know:

Golden’s water is so good that we don’t have to treat it the way some other centres do! Our water comes from a groundwater aquafer. Aquifers can be natural filters that trap sediment and pathogens to provide natural purification of the ground water flowing through them. In Golden’s case, our water quality is excellent and doesn’t require filtration or chemical treatments to remove contaminants.
  • There are five groundwater wells with a combined total pumping capacity of 125 Litres per second.
  • There are five reservoirs with a total storage capacity of about 6.96 Mega Litres.
  • Water is distributed to the community through about 39 kilometres of water lines.
  • Golden’s water is not required to be continuously disinfected, though chlorine is added on occasion when the Public Works team is performing maintenance on the system.
  • Our Operations Department works hard to protect our water with a robust and ongoing groundwater protection program.


Sewer services:

Did you know:
  • Golden has about 36 kilometres of sewer lines.
  • Our collection system has the capacity to process 4251 cubic metres per day.
  • Within the collection system, we have six lift stations and a sewage treatment plant.
  • Our treatment facility was most recently upgraded in 2004 and will receive more upgrades in 2016/2017 thanks to a grant from the New Building Canada Fund Small Communities Fund.
  • The effluent treatment process includes UV disinfection - ideal for wastewater since it is a chemical free process. Because of our environmentally sound treatment processes, the facility discharges very high quality effluent.
  • We consistently meet or exceed permit requirements for effluent that we discharge to the receiving environment.


Curbside garbage collection and recycling services:

Did you know:
  • Garbage (green bin) pickup occurs weekly and a Curb-side Collection Calendar is included with your annual utility bill.
  • The cost of curb-side collection services is roughly $175 per year, which you pay through your annual utility bill. For this, you get weekly garbage and bi-weekly recycling pickup and standardized town-owned bins. Your annual fee also includes an annual contribution to a reserve fund for eventual bin replacements.
  • Golden manages its recycling with the Multi Material BC program. MMBC is the organization that holds contracts with municipalities and Regional Districts to facilitate curbside recycling services, depot services, and transport of accepted materials back to large recycling facilities.
  • It’s MMBC, through an approved Ministry of Environment Stewardship Plan that determines what can be recycled, not the Town of Golden. To learn more about MMBC, visit their website at www.multimaterialbc.ca.
  • You should have already received your annual utility bill in the mail. If you have not, please contact the Town offices at 250-344-2271. Due date for payment is March 31, 2016.