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flood-definitions.jpgAs communities across the province deal with major flooding, you may be wondering what is being done locally to ensure that the municipality and its residents are safe.
The Town of Golden administers a comprehensive emergency management program in partnership with CSRD Electoral Area A and is constantly monitoring all hazards that may affect our communities.
At the time of this notice the British Columbia River Forecast Centre has NO advisories, watches or warnings issued for the town of Golden or the CSRD Area A.

The Town of Golden will update residents when and if the local situation changes. The two best places for residents to get local information are the Town of Golden website,, and our Facebook page.

Emergency Management Coordinator Kyle Hale says that now is the perfect time for residents to take the steps to ensure they are prepared for an emergency situation. Depending on the nature of the emergency, residents may need to look after their own needs and those of their family, pets and livestock for at least 72 hours after an emergency occurs.

“Being prepared means having an plan in place so you and your family know what to do in an emergency; having an emergency kit at home, work and in your vehicle, with food, water and supplies to last at least 72 hours; and ensuring you have insurance to help protect your home and family,” says Hale.

People who have experienced ground water seepage from previous high water events on the Columbia should take precautionary measures, though there are no advisories in effect at this time.

“Flooding and high water are hazards that residents may face during freshet,” says Hale.  “That’s why it is important that residents have a plan to manage the impacts that these events may have on their properties and their day-to-day lives.”

Having access to timely emergency information, as well as being educated about the risks and potential mitigation strategies, can help reduce the impacts that these events have on our lives. 

The links below provide both near real-time about current conditions in the province, as well as information about what to do if you are affected by freshet and flooding.

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