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The Golden Pool is Cool!

This spring and summer season, showcase your pride in your community services by becoming a member at the Golden Municipal swimming pool!
Town of Golden Recreation Services Coordinator Kim Bryan says that the Golden pool is important to the community first and foremost, because it teaches people how to swim and how to be safe in and around the water.
“The pool is the best place to learn drowning prevention and that extends to the many waterways that we have here,” she explains. “Also, people are able to maintain a healthy body and mind with regular activity, whether they chose lane swim, public swim or just come to have fun splashing around and practising.”
Manager of Recreation Services Jordan Petrovics says that the Town pool is a great place to hang out with friends or neighbours and get to know the people in your community.
“It’s great that we have a place where all different walks of life come together,” says Petrovics.
In Golden, the benefits of having a membership extend beyond the social aspect and into your pocket book. For a child membership, it is less than 75 cents per day to support the pool. For an adult, $1.25 – less than a cup of coffee – helps to support your pool. For a family, the cost is less than $2.75 per day. And, new this year, membership pricing includes unlimited access to all drop-in programs at the pool.
This year, the Golden pool will benefit from a one-time contribution of $275,000 from the Economic Opportunity Fund.

“By accessing this funding, we have had acknowledgment from the Regional District and the Town that the pool is an important part of the greater community,” says Petrovics. “It is a great step in the direction of understanding that joint funding is really the best way for us to continue operating our facilities effectively and grow our programming.”
Another important aspect of the Golden pool is the variety of high-quality programs offered to community members. New this year is the National Lifeguard courses that will be administered by a certified instructor.
“Previously to get your national ticket, valid across Canada, you would have to travel outside of the community. Now we have a certified instructor and we will be offering the course here in Golden this summer,” says Bryan.
Bryan thinks the addition of the lifeguard certification programs to the pool’s lineup is important for people – especially youth – who aren’t sure what they want to do in terms of a career path.
“Lifeguarding is an amazing first step,” she says. “I think that the skills that you learn through lifeguarding – through the certification process and getting your first job as a lifeguard – carries on to many different career paths. And, the fact that we can offer it in town is amazing because it means that it is more accessible to a variety of people.”
The Golden pool s also offering a new Bronze Medallion/Cross combo course this summer – which can save those working toward becoming a lifeguard money and time.

Check out and click on the soccer ball to learn more about what the Golden pool has to offer, or visit ToG Recreation Services page on Facebook.