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P1030181.JPGGetting outside and enjoying our public spaces is something that everyone should do!

The local government taxes you pay every year help keep these spaces looking good and open to everyone! So what’s the deal if you want to use the space for an event? Or, what if you have a business idea to make things look better and maybe put a couple o’ bucks in your pocket? With all of this nice weather, it’s easy to see why as an individual, business or organization you may want to host activities outside. Did you know that to do this you may need a Temporary Licence of Occupation (TLO)?

A Temporary License of Occupation gives permission to use public property for specific activities. It might be a long name and it might be a concept that seems like too much work - well it’s really not that bad! 

At Town Hall, the Legislative Services department handles the TLO approval process. Applications that include all the basics can generally be approved in a couple days. More elaborate plans for business and structures take a little longer as the town needs to take a balanced approach to meetings every ones needs. Generally you should Apply one to four weeks ahead of your proposed event.

“We are here to help and our team is more than willing to work with you through the steps – including the three most important: providing a site diagram, a letter of intent and securing insurance,” says Viv Thoss, Manager of Legislative Services. “We want you to have a successful event and will work with you to create a great experience for your guests or patrons that they won’t soon forget!”

A TLO is required for a variety of things, including outdoor restaurant and bar patios, raffle stands and charity barbeques, street performers and parades – to name a few. Costs are determined based upon the type, length, location and scope of use but are usually very affordable. Not-for-profit groups can usually secure TLOs for no charge!

The Town has a policy in place for TLOs in order to establish guidelines that are fair for everyone. Having well animated public spaces, successful events and vibrant spaces are valuable to all members of the community. Ensuring that these events happening on public lands are safe, well managed and insured are one of the responsibilities of Town Hall staff.

To apply for a TLO, you can download an application online and bring it to Town Hall – it’s easy! Fill out the application, include other relevant documentation as required by the type of activity you are applying to carry out and submit to the Town of Golden.

The friendly Legislative Services staff is here to help! If you have more questions, you can contact Viv Thoss at viv.thoss@golden.ca or by calling 250-344-2271 ext. 224. You can also check out the information online, by visiting www.golden.ca and clicking on the “apply for” tab. There you can select Temporary Licence of Occupation and access a variety of information about the process.