Public Reminder: Please Keep Lanes and Alleys Clear Print Article Font Size
tow-away-2334085_1920.jpgThe winter operations season is close at hand and cleared alleys and lanes are critical to perform these services and ensure public safety. Bylaw is now surveying all streets and lanes in the municipality for the purposes of getting vehicles, RVs and other obstructions relocated by owners.

Permitting debris or equipment to accumulate and parking unlicensed vehicles, on public lanes, alleys and boulevards is an offence under the Town’s Traffic Regulation Bylaw 966, as well as parking any vehicle in such as way that it obstructs snow removal or emergency vehicles. Uninsured vehicles are a liability to all other drivers and vehicles obstructing snow removal present safety hazards during winter conditions.
Vehicles meeting these conditions may be towed at the owner’s expense and residents having debris
accumulations adjacent to their properties in lanes and alleys may be charged.

The Town of Golden thanks you for your co-operation in this matter. Have a look at our Snow Clearing Policy by clicking View, then Bylaws and you’ll find it amongst our other policies.

Questions? Please email us at or call 250.344.2271.