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Since 2014, Golden has participated in a program to have Multi Material BC (MMBC) transport our recycling material - gathered through our local curbside recycling program - to large recycling facilities outside the community.

Last week, there was a fire at one of Green by Nature’s post-collection facilities.  The cause was a propane cylinder that had arrived in an MMBC load of packaging and printed paper (PPP).

The good news is that the fire was quickly contained and did not cause any damage to Green by Nature’s facilities; but this incident at MMBC’s post-collection processor and a similar occurrence last week at a Material Recovery Facility in Trenton, Ontario, both serve as excellent reminders of the importance of keeping compressed gas cylinders and other hazardous waste out of BC’s PPP recycling stream.

Compressed gas mixed with Packaging and Printed Paper recycling poses a significant health and safety risk for collection truck drivers, and the people working in Material Recovery Facilities, as they can easily cause an explosion or fire when compacted.

Empty refillable and non-refillable propane tanks are accepted at most landfills and transfer stations for recycling as scrap metal. For local disposal options, contact the Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) or search RCBC’s Recyclepedia app. Do not include compressed gas cylinders with your household's curbside, multi-family or MMBC depot recycling. 

Thank you for your attention to keeping hazardous materials out of the residential packaging and printed paper recycling stream. For more information on MMBC annd a list of what should/shouldn't go in your recycling bin, visit the "Residents" section of our website, click HERE, or go to