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Interface Wildfire Prevention Measures (Slash Burning) in the Selkirk Heights Area
September 6th, 2016

Beginning Wednesday, September 7th, BC Wildfire Service will be conducting a series of prescribed fuel management burns in the Selkirk Heights area if site and weather conditions are favourable. The work will be conducted over an estimated 3-4 days until all piles have been eliminated or in the unfortunate circumstance that these crews are called away to an actual forest fire.

During these burns, smoke will be visible form Golden and surrounding areas. Public access to some trail systems in the area may be restricted during this period, but on-site staff will explain any restrictions to anyone attempting to enter the area.

All residents are asked to highly respect this closure and any posted signs during the dates specified.
The Town of Golden apologizes for any inconvenience.

For more information and to view the official press release, please click HERE.