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Clean up efforts are ongoing in our community after the very intense wind storm on July 23, 2017.

Town crews and our contracted arborists are continuing to assess damage, remove debris and ensure public safety. Community members have been out in full force assisting their neighbours, friends and any in need in a great show of our town’s spirit of helpfulness and generosity.

It is important to note that the magnitude of the damage is more widespread than originally anticipated, and even with all of our crews and contractors, we expect it may take many weeks to meaningfully address all the work that needs to be done.

As we all move forward with clean-up, the Town would like to advise residents that any fallen or now hazardous tree that originated from public property will be removed by our crews at our cost – including those portions that have trespassed on private property.

For those hazardous trees that originate from private property, but haven fallen onto public land, we will remove the portion that is on public property. The remaining portion of the tree is the responsibility of the private property owner to remove. We understand that placing this debris near the curb to facilitate your pick-up makes sense; however, please ensure its removal in a reasonable time frame in the interests of mitigating fire hazards, assuring public access, and maintaining any boulevard landscaping.

Our capacity is stretched to the limit and we expect this work to take some time. We appreciate the public’s patience as this clean-up effort continues and we deal with clean up on a priority basis.

Disposal fees are being waived at the Golden landfill for all residents bringing woody debris from their properties as a result of this uncommon weather event. Free disposal of storm related woody debris will be accepted until August 13, 2017 in order to help all affected residents clear their properties.
Anyone having already dropped off storm related woody debris at the landfill is encouraged to contact the CSRD at 250-833-5950 for a full refund.

Please be advised that the Rotary Trail network and our public parks are closed until they can be assessed for safety and cleaned up. Staged reopening will occur for parks and trails and those openings will be announced as hazard assessments have been completed and large debris has been removed.  We will advise the public when the trails and parks are safe to use again.