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The owners of 1214 and 1212 11th Avenue North are proposing two industrial buildings with one dwelling unit per building on the second storey as allowed by the zoning; however, due to smaller nature of the existing lots the Farris have applied for a development variance permit.  Proposed are three 1212_11thAveN_Crop_2019_07_24.jpgvariances:
  1. Schedule S Light Industrial-M2 zone’s section f Minimum Yard Setbacks - Principal Building(s) and Accessory Buildings and Structures require an Interior Lot Line setback of 3.0 m. Proposed is to reduce to 0 lot line between 1214 and 1212 11th Avenue North.
  2. Section 8.6 requires a drive aisle of 4.2 m proposed is to reduce this to 3.8 m.
  3. Section 7.3 stipulates and industrial Zone, a minimum of 10% of the Lot shall be landscaped and a minimum of 60% of the Front Yard Area shall be landscaped. The total lot landscaped areas are compliant, but the front landscaped area are proposed to be varied to 35%.
How can I find out more?
Background information and details are available by clicking here.
How can I give feedback?
Anyone who considers themselves affected by the proposed application and wishes to register an opinion may do so:
  1. By forwarding written submissions for Council consideration (attention of the Manager of Legislative Services) by post (P.O. Box 350, Golden B.C. V0A 1H0) or by email to (only emails sent to this email address will form part of the Council Agenda). Any submissions must be received by 12:00 pm (noon) on Thursday, August 15, 2019; and / or
  2. By appearing before Council at the regular meeting on Tuesday, August 20th, 2019 at 1:15 pm at the Town Hall Council Chambers (810 9th Ave South).