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speed-bump-(1).JPGA new speed bump will soon be installed on Park Drive outside of Town Hall.

The standard speed bump is intended to act as a traffic calming device and contruction is set to begin in the next 7-10 days.

"There are a number of factors that entirely rationalize the building of this structure," says Town of Golden CAO Jon Wilsgard. "And, we have the full support and complements of the local RCMP detachment for this initiative."

Wilsgard notes that Park Drive has become subject to higher parking densification - due to multiple businesses located near Town Hall, the library, medical and dental clinics as well as the courthouse and the hospital. He also points out that the crosswalk on Park Drive is used by a number of people on any given day - many with mobility challenges accessing the medical clinic.

"That combination of factors, combined with the direct observance of vehicles going through the area at high speeds, has compelled us to implement the speed bump in order to protect our citizens," Wilsgard says. "If, in fact, this proves to be highly successful, we will be looking at building more in other locations throughout the community where it is appropriate."

Wilsgard says that in other communities speed bumps have been proven be effective.

“In the District of Invermere, for example, there are two speed bumps located on a busy stretch of municipal road where the hospital, residential and primary assisted living facility are located,” he says, adding that this has resulted in drivers going at slower speeds through the area. “They work.”