Warming temperatures over the past two weeks have significantly reduced the likelihood of further ice floes in the Kicking Horse River.  There is now clear evidence that the river has secured an established channel through the three floes that have occurred in the community this winter.
A portion of the established channel remains against the dyke directly adjacent to the municipal campground and high school.  This continues to result in seepage through the dyke, and although significantly diminished in volume over the past two weeks, still requires crews to pump water from existing drainage infrastructure back into the river channel on a regular basis.  This will likely continue until the river re-establishes channels elsewhere.
Excavators have now cleared 9th Avenue South as well as the ice dam at the gated entrance to the municipal campground and much has been trucked off-site.  All road entrances to the high school have been re-opened and all major equipment has been removed from the area.
Monitoring of the river will continue as any large scale swings in temperatures could result in a change of conditions and renewed preparations for any potential threats.
Public safety remains a priority and people are encouraged to keep a safe distance from the Kicking Horse River as sudden movements of ice and materials within the river are very possible and unpredictable.
Additional updates will be provided as the situation changes. To view the original News Release, click HERE.

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Kyle Hale
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