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This week, the Town of Golden is happy to share some great news for Golden residents - beginning this year, residents will see a drop in the price of their curbside collection services.

For the past five years, garbage pick up rates have been $125 per household per year, while recycling pick up rates have been $52 per year. This year those rates are going down to $92.39 and $24.56 per year, respectively. That’s a drop of 34 per cent!

As a result of a new waste collection bylaw passed in December, 2016, the Town has renewed its agreement with Multi-Material BC (MMBC). MMBC is the organization that holds contracts with municipalities and Regional Districts to facilitate curbside recycling services, depot services, and transport of accepted materials back to large recycling facilities. The program also provides incentives to municipalities for having a recycling and marketing program and Golden has been able to capitalize on this.

“Between paying off our initial 1,400+ waste bins after five years, taking advantage of MMBC incentives, and contributing to reserves, we not only can lower our rates but also are now in a position to purchase the first 400 of our new bear-proof bins this winter without borrowing,” says Town of Golden CAO Jon Wilsgard.

Wilsgard notes that when the Town begins switching out the bins, the older models will be repurposed or sold.

Residents will notice the change to curbside recycling rates when they receive their annual utilities bill within the next month.

“We are happy to be able to provide these services,” says Wilsgard, adding, “Residents should be proud of themselves because according to MMBC, our community has one of the lowest rates of recycling contamination in the region, meaning that people are putting the right materials into the right bin.”

Did you know?
• A Curbside Collection Calendar is included with your annual utility bill. These should be sent out in the mail within the next month. Due date for payment is March 31, 2017.
• The bins are the property of the Town of Golden and are numerically identified with the civic address they are provided to.
• The new bear-proof bins will continue to be purchased over the next few years with the intent to have one for every resident by 2020. Costs will be covered through bin replacement reserves as the Town continues to contribute using the same structure as in past years.
• Curbside collection services include weekly garbage and bi-weekly recycling pickup in standardized town-owned bins. Your annual fee also includes an annual contribution to a reserve fund for eventual bin replacements.  Plus there’s no “tag a bag”, or blue plastic bag requirements which just complicate things. 
• It’s MMBC, through an approved Ministry of Environment Stewardship Plan, that determines what can be recycled, not the Town of Golden. To learn more about MMBC, visit their website at You can also learn more by visiting our website, and clicking on the Learn About section at the top left of the page.