Golden receives funding from New Building Canada for Sewer System Improvements Print Article Font Size
Grant funding helps to secure over $1.3 million
for Sewage Treatment Plant

On July 31, MP Kootenay — Columbia David Wilks dropped in to Town of Golden Council Chambers to announce nearly $1 million funding from the New Building Canada Plan’s Small Communities Fund.

This joint funding from the Federal and Provincial government will be used for the Town’s Community Sewer System Improvements project. The total estimated cost of the project is $1.38 million and the funding is based on a 2/3 to 1/3 model that will see 2/3 coming from the Federal and Provincial governments and 1/3 coming from the Town of Golden.

The funding will go to Sewage Treatment Plant upgrades that will help to reduce energy consumption; increase system capacity; enhance treatment capabilities and reduce odour/green house gas generation.

For the official Federal press release, click here.

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“As part of our asset management process, council and staff have actively sought grant opportunities to make necessary improvements to our waste water treatment facility,” says Town of Golden Mayor Ron Oszust. “We are grateful that the Federal and Provincial Governments have selected Golden as a funding recipient for the Small Communities Fund.”

While not highly visible to the public, Mayor Oszust notes that the sewage treatment plant represents critical infrastructure utilized by every resident and business.

“These improvements will provide great value to the community, and reduce our impact on the environment.”

Improvements to the Sewage Treatment Plant Lagoons include the installation of liners and new aeration system for the four ponds.

Environmentally speaking, this enhancement is a vast improvement, as the lagoons are not presently lined. This means there is the risk of waste water seeping into the ground or river – particularly when water levels are down as that is when there is the greatest risk of seepage.

The aeration system is a network of piping that circulates oxygen through the ponds. Replacing the system will improve the treatment process and reduce odour generation.

The pond lagoons are supplied by air blowers which will also be replaced. According to Town of Golden Operations Manager Chris Cochran, the current blowers were not upgraded during the 2004 enhancements to the facility and are in need of replacement.

The final step in waste management is dealing with solids. The centrifuge system, which separates liquids from solids, will also be upgraded during this process. The current centrifuge was installed in 2004 and is in need of inspection and renewal.

In addition to the work being done at the sewage treatment facility, the funding for the project will also be used for some off-site enhancements.

The A&T lift station, located by Fountain Tire, is subject to flooding in the spring. This results in considerable additional pumping due to infiltration. By making some improvements here, Operations staff can reduce the amount of pumping required and lesson electrical consumption – good news for the environment!

At the 12th St. lift station, operations staff plans to install a “charcoal scrubber” – an air filtration system so that when air is vented at this site, the odours will be greatly reduced.

This lift station is also the last in the line before the treatment plant. New flow metres are being installed so that staff can accurately measure 100-per-cent of influent going into the treatment plant. This, in turn will enable the Town to measure the effects of seasonal groundwater infiltration into the collection system.

Town staff are aiming to have the upgrades complete by the fall of 2017, with two ponds being upgraded in Spring 2016 and two being upgraded in Spring 2017. This is a multi-year project that has to be done in phases in order to ensure that the operation schedule of the plant is maintained.
This funding announcement reinforces Golden’s commitment to asset management planning by having key projects ready for grant applications.  The ability to fund these large scale enhancements will provide a significant capital improvement to our waste water system, from collection to processing,” says Town of Golden CAO Jon Wilsgard. “Actual construction is slated to begin next spring and will be conducted over two years so the general public can keep doing their business with no interruptions!”