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Get your spring cleaning done with the Town’s free curbside yard waste roundup!


The snow has melted, flowers are beginning to bloom, the birds are singing and that can only mean one thing, SPRING!


Spring in Golden can be unpredictable. There can be snow one week, and a few weeks later it’s warm enough to sit on the patio. Despite the unpredictable weather, now's the time to get some basic spring yard maintenance done.


At this time of year, residents can prune away winter-killed branches to make room for new growth, trim shrubs and rake up lawns as well as finishing up any yard work not completed last fall. Then, as temperatures warm up, yards will be in better shape for seeding and planting.


For Golden residents who receive weekly and bi-weekly curbside waste and recycling collection services, the Town of Golden is pleased to offer a one-day only, free curbside yard waste roundup on Monday, May 15th.


This service is for yard waste only. This includes grass clippings, leaves, tree cones, tree branches, shrubs and bushes, not exceeding eight inches diameter or eight feet in length. Please bundle your prunings to make it easier and faster for us to collect them.


No other type of waste will be accepted, including construction wood waste.


To receive this service, place your yard waste in containers, bags or bundles at your regular curbside collection area on Monday morning, May 15th by 8:00 a.m. Any yard waste not placed in containers, bags or bundled at the curb will not be picked up.


In addition to Yard Waste pickup, the Town of Golden will pick up and dispose of bulky metal items for homeowners aged 65 and older within the community on Monday June 5th.


Items containing Freon (fridges, freezers, air conditioners, etc.) cannot be picked up as the landfill charges a fee to dispose of any items containing Freon. Call the Town Hall at 250-344-2271 - Extension 0, or e-mail before 4:30 p.m., on Friday, June 2nd to register your name, phone number, address and items for pickup. Items should be placed in your regular curbside collection area.