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October 20, 2015
On the heels of National Fire Prevention Week October 4-10, Town of Golden Fire Chief David Balding asks that residents continue to be vigilant in their fire safety and fire prevention efforts.

Fire Prevention Week was established in 1927 to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. That fire killed over 200 people and left 100,000 homeless.

“Sadly, fire continues to kill and injure people today – needlessly in today’s world of technology,” says Chief Balding. “Approximately three out of five fire deaths happen in homes with no smoke alarms or with alarms that are not working.”

This year’s theme “hear the beep where you sleep” speaks to the importance of installing smoke alarms.

“Smoke alarms are required in every sleeping room in your home. They give us the warning that allows us to escape from a fire. In fact, it is reported that working smoke alarms cut the risk of dying in home fires in half,” says Chief Balding.

There are two types of smoke alarms; photoelectric and ionization. Chief Balding says for optimum protection for your family, consider installing smoke alarms that utilize both technologies. There should be a smoke alarm on every level of your home, and it should be mounted on the ceiling or high up on a wall.

To avoid false alarms, don’t install a smoke alarm in the kitchen or within three metres of a stove. Smoke alarms should be tested monthly and should be replaced if they are10 years old or more.

Chief Balding says it’s very important to ensure the batteries in your smoke alarm are working.

A good practice is to change out the batteries when you change your clocks, twice a year. That time is fast approaching again, with the time change slated for November 1st in 2015.

 “There is a lot of additional planning we can do to protect ourselves from fire,” he notes. “These include a family escape plan and educating all family members on a safe meeting place outside your home.”

Practice fire safety and prevention all year long to keep you and your family safe!