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dog-leash-areas.JPGIn order to avoid possible fines, dog owners in the community are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Town of Golden’s Dog Licensing Program and Animal Control Bylaw Number 1157, 2005.

Over the past year, the Town’s Bylaw Officer has spent considerable time engaging community dog owners on this matter – with a particular focus on providing education as to where dogs are to be kept on leash and the importance of cleaning up dog waste in public spaces.

In the following areas it is mandatory to keep your dogs on a leash: The downtown lands bounded by 10th avenue N. (Highway 95,) the Kicking Horse River, and 7th St N; on the Highway 95 bridge crossing the Kicking River; Cenotaph park; on both sides of 10th Avenue S to the CP rail overpass and finally on the rotary trail from the pedestrian bridge to the campground. A map illustrating this area has been distributed throughout the community.

These are the busiest areas for vehicle and pedestrian traffic and therefore for the safety of your dogs and the community we ask you to respect this. Anywhere else your dogs are free to be off leash but remember they need to be within eyesight and under immediate charge and effective control.

Dog owners may feel their dog is friendly, but a dog at large makes many people nervous and could rush a dog on leash and agitate it.

“Despite speaking with dozens of pet owners, we are still encountering many people who are unaware of the bylaw or who are repeat offenders, who are walking dogs off leash and dog waste is still a large problem in public spaces,” says Town of Golden Bylaw Enforcement Officer Graeme Murphy. “Dogs are not permitted to be at large to ensure the safety of the public, the dog, and other animals.”

Along with being very unpleasant to look at or step in, dog waste contains some harmful bacteria like E-Coli. Cleaning it up ensures that children, other community members and tourists who use the trails, sidewalks, and public spaces can enjoy them.

Be a responsible dog owner and clean up after your dog in public spaces! Keep an eye on your dog while out walking, carry a bag for dog waste and discard it properly. If you find yourself without a bag, look for the bins where bags are provided free of charge. 

The Town would like to inform residents that the educational period for dog owners is coming to a close and fines will begin to be handed out.

The municipality’s Animal Control Bylaw also requires dog owners to obtain an annual license for each dog owned over the age of 4 months. Owners could face fines for having an unlicensed dog and for failing to affix a dog’s license tag. Licenses assist in the quick return of dogs found at large to their owners.

Information on the Town’s Dog Licensing Program and Animal Control Bylaw Number1157, 2005 can be viewed by clicking on the “Residents” tab or by clicking here: