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DikeTrailClosure_2017_04_11.jpgDikes are an important part of flood protection and it is extremely important that they are maintained to ensure they are structurally sound and working properly. With approximately 5 kilometres of dikes within the municipality, it’s a big undertaking. The Town is working hard to get the job done and keep the residents informed of our upcoming work and progress.

Over the next 3 weeks, residents will notice some changes along the Rotary Trail between Barrault Brand Source Furnishings and the Pedestrian Bridge. As part of the Town’s Dike Management Plan, there will be a number of stump removals along the dike, construction of a new retaining wall structure adjacent to Barrault BrandSource Home Furnishings and the dike will be raised to one metre above the 200-year flood level. Work is expected to begin on April 11 and be ongoing for three weeks.

This is an important requirement of the Province, being that the dike system within the municipality should meet a specific height, variable by area, to account for anticipated flood and ice flow levels.

“As the diking authority, mandated by the Ministry of Environment, the Town is responsible for proper inspection and ongoing maintenance of the dike structure,” says CAO Jon Wilsgard. “The work that will be done also factors in historical winter ice jam events and aesthetic values associated with the Rotary Trail.”

Work will be ongoing 7 days a week in order to finish the project ahead of the Spring freshet.  This may pose some inconvenience to residents on weekends, but will get the work done more quickly.

 “We recognize that this section of the Rotary Trail has high aesthetic value to our residents and so we are being mindful of that,” says Wilsgard. “We will be adding in some species of tress and shrubs less invasive to dike integrity based on a Ministry approved management plan. These additions will likely occur in 2018. We are doing this for public safety, to maintain dyke integrity and because we are mandated to do so by the province.”

Residents are reminded that the work means that this section of the Rotary Trail will be closed to the public over the next three weeks. During this time, residents are encouraged to take alternate routes. Keep an eye on our website, www.golden.ca and our Town of Golden Facebook page for further updates.