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cottonwood.jpgIn 2015, Mayor and Council identified Community Connectivity, infrastructure renewal and flood protection work as strategic priorities of the municipality.

Following is an update on work that has been or is being done on initiatives that provide better linkages for pedestrians; infrastructure renewal work on Alexander Drive; and flood protection work being done on the dikes that parallel the Rotary Trail.

“All three of these priorities come together and fit into the concept of Community Connectivity in a number of past, current and future projects,” says CAO Jon Wilsgard. “We are recognizing the importance of age friendly amenities in our community – which to us applies to kids, parents and seniors alike.”

Rotary Trail:
  • Last summer, a small access point to the Rotary Trail by the pedestrian bridge was paved in order to provide better access to the trail; landscaping in the same area was completed this summer.
“It’s amazing how improvements to such a small section of the trail can have such positive results,” says Wilsgard.
  • Construction is underway on the connection between the municipal campground and Keith King Memorial Park to address a section that was generally inconsistent with the design of the Rotary Trail. Work began in the spring in partnership with the Golden Cycling Club who sourced out grant funding. Substantial completion of this project is expected by spring of 2017.
  • Next steps include the completion and paving of the final link in connection of the highway corridor and the downtown – a provincial project being done in partnership with the municipality. The path begins across from Boston Pizza and ends at the Hwy. 95 junction. The Town is anticipating that the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) will have this portion of the trail substantially completed this fall.
“Our contribution to this project is the paving and we have obtained a grant – the ICBC Traffic Safety Grant in the amount of $20,000 to help fund the project,” says Wilsgard.

Flood Management:
  • As part of the Town’s Vegetation Management Plan, this month there will be a number of tree removals along the dike from Berrault BrandSource Furnishings to the pedestrian bridge that will address public safety concerns, and the integrity of the diking system. Following this work, this section of trail will be resurfaced and re-sloped for proper drainage.
Infrastructure renewal:
  • Work has been ongoing to replace 390 m of sidewalk and curbing along the outside perimeter of Alexander Drive. This work could be completed as early as this fall, weather permitting.
  • Thanks in large part to a donation from Kootenay Paving, the Town was able to complete some enhanced paving around the Golden Seniors Centre.
Future project plans:
  • Town Council has commenced a conceptual design for formal sidewalk development on 8th Avenue between Durand Manor and the pedestrian bridge.
“This is not only good for the accessibility around the care facilities in the area, but for all residents as this section of the community is a major commuter pathway,” says Wilsgard.
  • The municipality has now incorporated the Age Friendly Committee recommendations as they pertain to winter maintenance on identified main travel corridors. This includes snow clearing and sanding of well used paths in the community.