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117860-Towels-textile-plastic.JPGResidents are reminded that there are certain items that are acceptable for recycling and others that are not.

The Town partners with Recycle BC, a non-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and printed paper recycling throughout British Columbia, to provide recycling services to the community.
In order to make things as easy as possible for residents, the Town provides educational material in many forms to ensure that people know what they can and can not recycle. 

This year when utility bills were sent out to all property owners in the community, a comprehensive flat sheet outlining all of the acceptable materials that can go in the Town issued recycling bins was included. The sheet also included links to websites where residents can search for more information on the subject.

Despite our efforts to provide these educational materials, Recycle BC has reported higher than average contamination levels in our recycling. Items included towels, other clothing and even a whiteboard.

“This abuse severely tarnishes our standing with Recycle BC,” says Town of Golden CAO Jon Wilsgard, noting that in 2016/2017, Golden had one of the lowest rates of recycling contamination in the region.  “It will inevitably result in higher fees for all residents as we will be paying penalties for contamination like this.”

The Town’s previously good record resulted in part with lower collection rates last year and allowed the Town to purchase the first 400 of our new bear-proof bins without borrowing.

“I encourage everyone to remain diligent in their recycling efforts and stick to the rules so that we can continue to pass along savings and other benefits as we go forward with this program. Prohibited materials found in bins count against us and enough of them will cost us, which means higher rates for residents,” says Wilsgard.

It’s Recycle BC, through an approved Ministry of Environment Stewardship Plan, that determines what can be recycled, not the Town of Golden, and that list is standardized across the province. You can learn more by clicking on the “Learn About” tab on our home page and selecting “Curbside Waste and Recycling Service.”

Recycling helps keep waste out of our landfills and minimize our impact on the environment. You can help by recycling responsibly. Visit www.recyclebc.ca to learn more about what you can do.