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The Town of Golden’s annual paving and patching program has been determined and will begin in mid to late June. Please be advised that during construction there may be traffic disruptions and delays and in some areas street parking will not be permitted until paving work has been completed. 

Construction will occur in the following locations:
  • Paving at 10th Ave N south of 9th St N to the overpass intersection.
  • Paving of the 500 block of 12th Street South.
  • Paving of the uphill lane on Selkirk Hill. During construction, please use Reflection Lake bypass.
  • Installing two speed bumps on Pine Drive.
  • Installing an additional speed bump on 14th Ave S near Alexander Park Elementary School.
  • Paving along Park Drive near the Courthouse and Medical Clinic.

Additional paving and patching projects will also take place throughout town on a smaller scale during this time. 

Kootenay Paving is the general contractor responsible for construction and the worksite. Please watch for flaggers and adhere to posted construction signs in these areas.
The Town of Golden appreciates your understanding and patience during the paving and patching program.