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At its July 16th regular meeting, council endorsed the recommendation of the EDSV Committee in returning the service of economic development back to a muncipally controlled function.  The remainder of 2013 will be spent developing a new shared service agreement with the regional district, determining the legal and corporate direction of Golden Area Initiatives, and ownership considerations of the British Columbia Visitor Centre.

The Briefing Note submitted by the EDSV Committee to Council can be found HERE.

The Committee has now been dissolved.

The EDSV Committee was a Select Committee of Council, established late in 2012.  The committee's purpose was to provide a review and recommendation by the end of June 2013 to Council as to what the vision and priorities of economic development should be for Golden and what sort of structural/governance/staffing framework it should follow.

Economic development services have been delivered for the past 10 years by an independent non profit society trade named Golden Area Initiatives (GAI)- a joint venture between the Town of Golden and the Columbia Shuswap Regional District.  Their website is  In 2012 Town Council gave notice that it would withdraw from the current service funding agreement on December 31st, 2013.

Committee Terms of Reference
Members of the Committee include:
Councillor Caleb Moss
Councillor Connie Barlow
David Allen, CAO, Town of Golden
Randy Priest, Director, Golden Area Initiatives
Darren Dusevic, Director, Golden Area Initiatives
Laura Archer, Public at Large
Ryan Watmough, Public at Large
Chuck Gorton, Public at Large
(Jon Wilsgard, Corporate Officer/Staff Liaison)