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Online Banking Instructions

For your convenience, the Town of Golden has made arrangements with several financial institutions to allow for online payment for property tax, utilities, and accounts receivable account.

In order to take advantage of online bill payments, you will need to set up the appropriate bill through your financial institution. When setting up your bill, please make sure that you search for the “Golden, Town of” as the payee. Then you will need to select:

Golden (Town of) Tax

Your TAX account number for your property tax payments is your roll number. It can be found on your property tax notice and should be entered in the following format: ex. 99999999.

Golden (Town of) Utilities

Your UTILITY account number for your utility bill payments is NOT your roll number; you must use your utility account number. Your account number can be found on your utility bill, and should be entered in the following format 999999999.

Golden (Town of) Accts Recv

Your ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE account number for your Accounts Receivable payments is your AR Account number consisiting of a Alphabet Letter #### combo. It can be found on your Accounts Receivable invoice and should be entered in the following format: ex. ALPHA####.

Representatives from your financial institution can assist you with setting up your online bill payment, and will provide you with any additional support you may need. Bring copies of your bills with you to your financial institution, as this may be a requirement.

Payments through financial institutions typically take at least 4 business days to process your payment. To avoid late charges on your account please allow for the processing time prior to your DUE DATE.

If you have any problems setting up your bills for online payment, please feel free to call the Town of Golden office at 250-344-2271. We will be happy to help you locate your account numbers. You can also contact your financial institution’s online banking help line.

Note: It is very important that you pay the correct bill online. The Town of Golden cannot process Utility Bill Payments for your Property Tax Payments or vise versa. Payments are automatically loaded and will be applied to the account they are received on. Happy Banking!