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Family-oriented parks are found in various locations of our community, each having a unique character, theme and playground equipment. From Trains to Clown theme’s each spot is well worth checking out and a great place to make some new friends while having some outdoor active fun.

Kinsmen Park
Also known to community members as the “Clown Park”, this large, grassy park can be found on the corner of 10th St. S and 9th Ave. S. in a residential area. This park is equipment with picnic tables, trees, a water fountain, swing sets and playground equipment.

Dogwood Park
Also known as the “Train Park”, Dogwood Park is a great place to host family picnics. Complete with a picnic shelter, tables and playground equipment including: swings, slides and a variety of games, this park is located on 5th St. South in a residential area close to Kicking Horse River and Rotary Trails.