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Parks Overview

Golden is surrounded by great parks and green spaces with a lengthy list of Forestry Recreation Sites, endless amount of wilderness, wet lands and some of the world’s best National and Provincial Parks. But what some of us commonly overlook are the great local parks located right in our own community. Click HERE to view the map.

If you are new to Golden or up for rediscovering your own backyard head out for a summer stroll or ride on the Rotary Trail system and discover over 16km of trails in the community. The Rotary Trail system runs alongside our rivers and connects to the downtown core making the trails easy to access and designed for everyone to use. Take some time to get around town, active transportation-style.

Family-oriented parks are found in various locations of our community, each having a unique character, theme and playground equipment . From Trains to Clown themes each spot is well worth checking out and a great place to make some new friends while having some active outdoor fun.

Golden also has various specialty parks that perfect for that particular sport you have in mind.  Looking for a good place to cool down, skate, ride, play a game of tennis, basketball, work out or go for an ice skate?  You will quickly find that Golden has plenty of parks designed for your specific activity. Many green spaces have picnic tables and benches. After a casual stroll, take a break and enjoy the nature around you at any of these great spots.
Did you know? Golden has outdoor skating rinks