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The Town of Golden’s Bylaw Enforcement Department provides the citizens of Golden with a variety of services related to regulatory issues. Some of the Town of Golden’s bylaws require a proactive approach but primarily we respond reactively on a complaint-driven basis. The Bylaw Enforcement Department is committed to the delivery of professional bylaw enforcement services in a timely effective manner, in accordance, with Council direction.

The Bylaw Enforcement Department attempts to first gain compliance through education and communication but ultimately, where required, through enforcement actions such as issuing tickets or seeking resolution through the court system.

The primary goals of Bylaw Enforcement are:
  • Public Safety
  • Maintenance of community standards that contribute to improving the quality of life in The Town of Golden
  • The Management of behavioral and nuisance issues to promote a harmonious living environment within The Town of Golden
Contact Information
Town of Golden Front Office 250-344-2271
Graeme Murphy
Bylaw Enforcement Officer 250-344-2271 ext.234
Fax 250-344-6577