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The Town of Golden’s Bylaw Enforcement Department provides the citizens of Golden with a variety of services related to regulatory issues. Some of the Town of Golden’s bylaws require a proactive approach but primarily we respond reactively on a complaint-driven basis. The Bylaw Enforcement Department is committed to the delivery of professional bylaw enforcement services in a timely effective manner, in accordance, with Council direction.

The Bylaw Enforcement Department attempts to first gain compliance through education and communication but ultimately, where required, through enforcement actions such as issuing tickets or seeking resolution through the court system.

The primary goals of Bylaw Enforcement are:
  • Public Safety
  • Maintenance of community standards that contribute to improving the quality of life in The Town of Golden
  • The Management of behavioral and nuisance issues to promote a harmonious living environment within The Town of Golden


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Bylaw Enforcement Complaint Form

Fill out and submit this form in person at Town Hall, or by clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form. To view the form, click HERE.

Golden Bylaws


Outdoor Burning Bylaw 824, 1991

Sign Control Bylaw Number 830, 1991

Traffic, Parking and Streets Regulations Bylaw Number 966, 1995


Trade License (Amendment) Bylaw 990, 1996


Animal Control Bylaw Number 1157, 2005


Town of Golden Pesticide Regulation Bylaw No. 1244, 2009


Waste Management and Collection Services Bylaw No. 1372, 2016


Water System Rates and Regulations Bylaw No. 1280, 2011


Sanitary Sewer Collection Rates and Regulations Bylaw No. 1281, 2011


Town of Golden Cross Connection Control Bylaw No. 1282, 2011


Property Maintenance Bylaw No. 1287, 2011


Town of Golden Zoning Bylaw No. 1294, 2011


Town of Golden Building Regulation Bylaw No. 1299, 2012




The most commonly used bylaws are displayed on this page. Please be aware that the bylaws may not be complete due to pending updates, amendments or revisions, and therefore, are provided for reference purposes only. The Town of Golden will not be liable or responsible to any person for damages of any kind arising out of the use of the bylaws contained here.


If you have questions or cannot find a bylaw please contact:

Graeme Murphy
Bylaw Enforcement Officer 250-344-2271 ext.234
Fax 250-344-6577