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Development Services provides the framework for community development that relates to the priorities in the Official Community Plan. The department combines Planning, Building, and Bylaw Enforcement to formulate policies and standards for new development, manage approvals of all types of land development, regulate building construction, ensure compliance with community standards, and facilitate development of best practices to protect the environment and the residents.

This department is also responsible for administering business licenses. Learn more about how to apply for a business license HERE. 

This department is comprised of:

  1. Planning & Development
  2. Building 

We are a team of four core people including:

Phil Armstrong
Manager of Development Services/Planner
Phone: 250 344-2271 ext. 236

Caspar Viereckel
Building Official
Phone: 250 344-2271 ext. 231

Colin Macphee
Planning and Development Technician

Phone: 250 344-2271 ext. 240