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The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is responsible for the overall management of the operations of the municipality, ensuring that the policies, programs and other directions of Council are implemented, and for advising and informing Council on the operations and affairs of the municipality. This includes ensuring that all the statutory obligations required under Provincial and Federal legislation are met, and that Council’s strategic priorities are identified and addressed through the development of an approved corporate work plan, and ultimately through the annual Five Year Financial Plan. Additionally, the CAO administers the Golden Municipal Airport (CYGE) and provides oversight and implementation of the Resort Municipality Initiative.

Legislative Services 
We are your primary access point to the Town of Golden. We offer services to the public as well as administrative support to Council and across all departments. We develop and manage the majority of governance and corporate processes, bylaws and policies, agreements, protocols, licensing, communications, human resources and elections. Learn more about the Legislative Services department HERE.

Reporting to the Chief Administrative Officer and working with Council and the Senior Management team, the position plans, develops, and tactically implements communications policies, strategies, and operational messaging on behalf of the Town.

Golden and Area Emergency Management Program
The Town of Golden administers a comprehensive emergency management program in partnership with CSRD Electoral Area A and is constantly monitoring all hazards that may affect our communities. Learn more by clicking HERE.
Golden Community Cemetery
The Town of Golden administers cemetery services in partnership with CSRD Electoral Area A. Learn more by clicking HERE.

Jon Wilsgard
Chief Administrative Officer

Phone: 250-344-2271 ext. 237

Viv Thoss
Deputy Corporate Officer/Manager of Legislative Services

Phone: 250-344-2271 ext. 224

Alysha Saville
Communications Official

Phone: 250-344-2271 ext. 235