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IMG_8411.JPGOver the next six months, the Town of Golden will be working to develop a community wide Transportation Plan to help shape the future of transportation in Golden over the next 20 years.

The first step in the process includes collecting input from residents to understand the community’s values and experiences to help build a vision that is inclusive, sustainable, and forward-thinking.

Through the planning process, the Town will work to identify various strategies and projects to improve the transportation network for all users. The final Transportation Plan will provide medium and long-term plans for capital improvements required to accommodate projected growth and anticipated developments, respond to new transportation needs and trends, and develop a strategy for prioritizing the capital improvements. This plan will provide the basis for creating a road Development Cost Charge (DCC) applicable to developers to help offset the costs associated with road improvements related to future growth. This would provide another funding tool, in addition to taxation and grant funding.

This project will be conducted in conjunction with a Selkirk Hill traffic safety study being completed this fall and winter. The safety study will provide the Town with an accurate assessment of the current use and safety limitations on Selkirk Hill Road, including recommendations for improvement options and associated costs for consideration.

Have your say:

Residents were invited to provide their input through an online survey and interactive map from September 13 to 26.

Feedback collected through the Transportation Plan online survey and interactive map will be used to inform the development of the draft plan.