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The application period for 2021 proposals for Golden & Area A will open in early January, see below for more information. 

View the 2020 approved funding list HERE.

2021 Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs

The Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs (CIP/AAP) are funded by the Columbia Basin Trust (the Trust) and managed by local regional governments and Indigenous partners.

The Programs are intended to be flexible and incorporate community-based funding decisions. The Programs support local projects that provide additional value to Basin communities, and that benefit the broad community and public good. Program funds are distributed annually to the Trust's local government partners: the regional districts of East Kootenay, Central Kootenay and Kootenay Boundary, the City of Revelstoke, Town of Golden, Village of Valemount, and to our Indigenous Partners Ɂaq'am, Ɂakisq'nuk, Lower Kootenay (Yaqan nuɁkiy), Tobacco Plains Indian Band (Ɂakink'umŧasnuqŧiɁit) and the Shuswap Indian Band.

In the Town of Golden, the Community Initiatives Program funds projects that are identified as priorities within the Town of Golden and the communities and rural areas of the Columbia Shuswap Regional District Electoral Area A (Area A).

The Affected Areas Program is designed to put funds back into the Basin for those communities most affected by dam construction under the Columbia River Treaty.


2021 CIP Golden Application Guide    This guide identifies what types of projects are eligible and gives you important information on how to complete an online application form.

Community Initiatives and Affected Areas PRE-APPLICATION WORKSHEET This worksheet is an optional tool for preparing your application entries and/or collaborating with others involved in your project. This worksheet will not be accepted as your application to the Program. You must apply using the online application form.

To get started, and create your online account in order to view and complete the online application form, please click HERE

Applications for funding through these programs are made directly to the local government delivery partner in your area. For more information about the Columbia Basin Trust, visit ourtrust.org.
Golden Area Program Description
On behalf of the Trust and the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD), the Town of Golden wholly administers this program for Golden Area residents.  A Council Select Committee of community members and staff with outside administration help, conduct the annual process of applications, adjudications, awards, and reporting. In the Town of Golden, the Community Initiatives Program funds projects identified as priorities within the Town of Golden and the communities and rural areas of the CSRD Electoral Area A (Area A).
The Trust Community Funds Local Selection Committee members include:

Chris Hambruch (as Council representative)
Stephanie Knaak (representing the Area A Director)
Lynne Romano (representing the local Community Foundation)
Nola Milum (Vice Chair/representing the local Community Foundation)
Scott King (Chair/community representative)
Monica Parkinson (community representative)
Kathy Simpson (community representative)
Kevin Christakos (community representative)
Chuck Gorton (community representative)
Support Staff:
Jon Wilsgard - staff liaison for process and protocol
Ryan Watmough - committee technical administrator
The annual grant cycle for funding begins in January. Applications are typically accepted until early February. This is followed by a public forum in March wherein all applicants must appear before the adjudication committee to briefly speak to their project. The select committee makes its final decisions for funding prior to the end of March. Successful applicants are required to provide acknowledgement and reporting on their projects, and completion within a deadline.

2021 Grant Cycle Schedule:
  • January 6 – Grant applications will be available online
  • February 8 – Grant applications will be due by noon (local time)
  • February 11 – 4pm, public forum question generation meeting
  • March 9 – 6 pm – 8pm  Public Forum evening 1
  • March 10 – 6 pm – 8pm Public Forum evening 2
  • March 17 – 4pm Adjudication Meeting
The committee holds its official adjudication session in a CLOSED meeting.  Successful applicants are informed by the Program Manager once decisions are ratified and all results are made public thereafter.

For further information regarding the Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs please contact cbtadmin@golden.ca 

For information on other programs offered by the Columbia Basin Trust, please contact the Columbia Basin Trust at 1-800-505-8998 or visit their website at: ourtrust.org
Available Committee Meeting Minutes
(note that minutes of strictly adjudication meetings are not disclosed; results are announced publicly afterward).